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Monday, December 10, 2012

Last Blog of the Semester :)

Answer the following questions. You do not have to respond to another unless you want to.
1. What did you enjoy most about the class?
2. What did you enjoy most about the blog?
3. What could have been done differently to help you learn better?
4. What advice do you have about this class for students that will take it next fall?
5. Do you feel like you are prepared to take a college course in this class? (it is ok if you say no :) )


  1. 1. I think it's probably the most relaxed class with the right amount of work.
    2. I like how these assignments can be done from anywhere at any given day of the week. And there's no right or wrong answer.
    3. Honestly..... a slight increase in bookwork
    4. Turn everything in.... including the blogs. 1 miss will set you back.
    5. Possibly... definitely more prepared than I was in the beginning of the year!

  2. 1.I enjoyed the way you taught us each chapter. You made it fun in different ways for example how you made us do different projects that involved us doing research.

    2. What I enjoyed the most about the blog was that I got to learn more about different issues that involve our government and affect our standard of living . Also all the different opinions my classmates had over the different articles we had to discuss.

    3.I honestly think that the way this class is taught is a good way to learn. I don't think anything should be done differently.

    4. I advice them that they need to stay on task and not to procrastinate because it will affect their grade. Also to study for a test and not go to class unprepared , they should know what to expect on the test.

    5.I do not think I'm ready for a college course , but I know I will follow through and eventually get accustom to it. I'm up for a challenge.

  3. 1.The assigment that i enjoyed the most was the one when we played the campaign game in the computer lab.
    2.What i enjoyed about the blogs was that i got to learn and understand more of the issues that affect us.
    3.I liked the way you taught us and all the videos you showed us.
    4.The advice i would tell them is to give it there best everyday and for them to keep up with the blog.
    5.Yes i feel like im ready to take a college course.

  4. Julio C. Lores CruzDecember 10, 2012 at 5:10 PM

    1.I mostly liked how we had a good deal of class time to do our work( this was a fantastic help and you have my utmost gratitude).

    2.I enjoyed how each of the articles had each its own interesting perspective (sometimes to the point of amusement). The articles were always either overly dramatic or belligerent in an amusing way.
    3. I think the lessons could have been split up evenly. Each day we could have dont both notes and then class work instead of just either having classwork days or note days.
    4. My advice is READ for the exams. You will do much better (specially if you dont read and do already brilliant in exams).
    5. I truly hope so. I have never taken a college class so I do not know how much it would help me. I do ,however, know quite a bit more about government than I did at the start of the class.

  5. 1. I really enjoyed listening to Ryan try to win an argument with Mrs. Russo, even though his points made no sense and could be thought up by a third grader. 2. I thought it was great that this small amount of participation counted for so much of our grade. 3. I felt that I should've paid more attention and worked harder, and I regret that I didn't. 4. My advice to students taking this class next fall would be: DO NOT FALL BEHIND!!! 5. I feel like I could take a college course in US government, now that I have an idea of what the work load would be.

  6. 1-From this class, I enjoyed learning about how the system works in the country. It was not an overstressing class like the others and plus, we had a fun teacher. :)
    2- The blog is a good way for all of us to participate while we are learning about a topic. Some of the blogs were amusing and, we had a whole week to do it.
    3- To help us learn better, I think that we should be directed to the most important notes, so that we don't overwrite in our journals.
    4- My advice for the next generation of seniors is to always turn in work, do blogs and try not to leave everything till the last minute!!!!
    5- Im not so sure if Im ready to take a college course class. Somehow, I feel like the class will be harder than what we expect.

  7. 1.What I enjoyed the most about this class was projects, and how you have taught us to take notes quickly.
    2.What I enjoyed the most about the blog is that we are able to read interesting articles that have to do with the topic in class and with what goes on in real life.
    3.I actually like the way this class is taught. I like the notes one day and work day in a different day.
    4.My advice to students that will take this class in the fall would be keep up with the blogs and learn to take quick notes.
    5.I think that I will do better than without taken this class.

  8. esmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!December 11, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    what i love about the class was having my mommy russo as a teacher and even tought im a math freak and dislike every other subject she some how made me not hate goverment. And we have had a lot of funny momments that made the class fun.
    i was never a big fan about the blogs but I did like having a blog conversation with people who would replay to my post.
    I guess if we could have gone more into detail and do more projects even having the class for a longer time could have help me understan more in adivce would be that they would be the luckies kids if they had ms.russo and not to be affraid of the class just because is ap it not that i think i am ready for college maybe a little not likw a pro

  9. 1. What i enjoyed most about the class was that there was alot of smart students that could help me to learn better and pass. The class was pretty hard though because i dnt really catch on to history that well or government and politics. Im a math type of guy.
    2. To tell u the truth i didnt really like the blog because if i forgot to do one then my grade would decrease alot. Thats the reason why i started failing. Plus i have a job so it was kinda hard to keep up with. I liked that alot of people would already do it so i saw opinions that helped me.
    3. What i woulda dont differently was probablly study more. But like i said i have a job so i couldnt have anyways. I paid attention sometimes but it was too confusing so i guess i couldve got tutorials but cant really cuz i work.
    4. Some advice that i give for students taking it next year is to be prepared and study. Dont have a job because its hard to keep up with. Be smart and get help from all the other smart nerds in that class that are in top ten and shiz.
    5. I dont think im prepared to take a college course of this class because i dont even like learning about government and politics because its all lies anywayz and were living in a government thats full of sh....all bs.

  10. 1.) The most I enjoyed about thia class is we can work and talk freely, while still, somehow, getting the work done.
    2.) The blog is one of the best ideas I've seen used because it's simple, accessible anytime, and easy/quick to learn something.
    3.) Something that would of helped me out better would be giving examples of key words/ideas/stuff.
    4.) What I would advice future students is to learn how to and when to read.
    5.) Knowing me, I am always ready for anything... even if I fail.



    3. Say kuh, some blogpost beef is about to start if you reply!

  11. Jonathan Rocha :DDDDecember 11, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    1. The most I enjoyed about the class was the projects and powerpoints.

    2. The most i enjoyed about the blogs was the interesting stories and reading other people's opinion on the story.

    3. Something that would og helped me learn better is having access to the powerpoint.

    4. The advice I would give to future students are for them to make sure they read,study,and do their blog.

    5.yes, I'm ready to take a college course in this class!!!

  12. 1. I LOVED being able to openly argue with you and you not get offended!
    2.I enjoyed being able to look at/for articles I never would have without you bringing them up.
    3. What would of helped me better learn in the class would have been taking more notes off the powerpoint than I did.
    4. My advice to upcoming students would be for them to have had prior knowledge in some government to actually understand most court cases and government functions.
    5. I feel like I could do fairly decent on the test.

  13. 1. What I enjoyed the most about the class was how everyone would say their opinions during most of the lectures. It helped put personal situations into the lessons.
    2. I enjoyed reading articles that involved a lot of interesting debates, but the blog was very easy to forget to do.
    3. I think I should have actually gone over notes before a test instead of just relying on seeing the power points.
    4. Advice I would give upcoming students is to take good notes that you can actually understand. My notes are very messy and hard to read!
    5. I think I am more prepared than I was before to take a college course of this class. At least now I have some background information that I didn't have before the class.

  14. ¹) what i liked the most about this class would be how everyone would give their personal opinions whenever we had lectures.
    2) What i enjoyed the most about the blog would have to be the articles we would have to read because lets be honest without the blogs we wouldve had no idea about the issues around us.
    3) I personally think nothing should be changed.
    4) Advice for upcoming students would have to be to take simple but affective notes.
    5) I feel like im more prepared to take a college level class now then when i first started the semester because at least now i have an idea of how things are going to go.

  15. 1. I enjoyed the amusing conversations that Brenda would start.

    2. The thing I liked most about the blog would be it helping boost my grade.

    3. Perhaps more interactive activities would help me learn the materials better.

    4. Some advice would be to do the blog, always.

    5. I think the class helped me be a bit more prepared for college since it gives me an idea of how a college class would be like.

  16. 1. I liked the different projects we would do it made the class go by faster.
    2. I love the blogs because I was forced to read articles (thats a good thing) it helped me be aware of what is going on in the government and how it affects me.
    3.I don't know it's strange how i paid attention and took notes but when i took the test i always did poorly on them... Maybe more time to learn the things taught?... although it's impossible with the little time we have.
    4. Turn in EVERYTHING on time it will affect you greatly if you don't. Also don't forget to do the blogs it's an easy grade.
    5. I'm not sure... Maybe since now I have learned the importance of turning things on time and taking fast notes :)

  17. 1 I enjoyed the open discussions we had and being able to convince everyone that I'm a sexist republican
    2 I liked that they gave me a chance to argue with others and how they counted as test grades which helped even out some of my terrible test grades.
    3 A certain group of students could have been lest disruptive
    4 Learn to take fast notes
    5 I've learned more about government, but no I really haven't developed the right study habits to survive college

  18. Yesenia Macias!!!! :)December 13, 2012 at 7:52 AM

    1. I enjoyed the way you taught us. You would give us the notes and sometimes give us your experience and examples. I also liked the conversations we had in class. It made the class more interesting and I hardly felt sleepy in there.
    2. The blogs let us learn about reality while learning about how the government works. It was like exaWmples given to us and it helped me understand government more.
    3. Because I'm a visual person, it would've been cool if you gave us projects (like the foldable) more often. That helped me understand the branches more clearly.
    4. Please please please study and pay attention in class! It'll strike back when you're taking a test. And if you have a question, don't be embarrassed to ask.
    5. I don't know If I'm ready for the college course but I will do better than if I didn't take this course. I still learned a lot in this class but I feel it won't be enough for college.

  19. 1. What I enjoyed most about the class is that when you taught you had good powerpoint and it wouldn't just be ther powerpoint you explained your point of view and your experiences and it helped that it was election year because you used a lot of examples.
    2. I didn't really enjoy the blog I would forget to do it sometimes it's not a really easy thing to remmeber..
    3. Something I could have done differently is.. I don't i think I learned pretty good and learned what I had to I guess.
    4. They should definitly take notes because it helps you learn a little/remember things a little more when you write them down. Well it helps me so I think its good advice.
    5. I guess I am somewhat prepared to take this as a college level I learned pretty much the basic stuff with you and i would like to learn more.

  20. 1. I enjoyed how you would lectured us and then expand our understanding by giving us examples that we would be capable to understand.

    2. What I liked about the blog was that it was count as a test grade and if you did your blog then it would help you by having a high grade ^_<

    3. I would of complain about certain people (NO NAMES) who would constantly interrupt my learning and your lectures to say really ignorant comments! >:O

    4. The advise I would give to the students who will be taking this class next fall is to really pay attention in class and keep up with their blogs because this is a class that is going to help them learn more about politics.

    5. I have no doubt that I am ready to take a college course in this class because I have expand my learning for politics and I learned how to take fast notes.


  21. 1.what i enjoyed most about this class is the way you lectured us and that i actually learned things.

    2.what i enjoyed most about this blog is knowing that i actually did them and how i did understand what i was doing.

    3.i would have learned better if there was more hands on projects and if you would lecture more, because i don't like the outlines.

    4.the advice i would give them would be that they need to do the blogs and pay attention in class and BE QUIET. :)

    5. i may be ready but I'm not sure how i would do, if i don't have you as a teacher :)

  22. 1. What i enjoyed the most about the class was our random conversations about life and Jesus :p
    2. What I enjoyed the most about the blog was reading about current events and seeing other people's opinion.
    3. I could have taken better notes during class and done some outside reading in order to learn better
    4. For students taking this class next semester i would say "DON'T EVER FORGET TO DO YOUR BLOGS"
    5. I honestly feel that I AM ready for a college course in this class because i have better understanding now than i did before about the government.

  23. 1) What I enjoyed most about this class is all the fun government stuff i learned.
    2)From the blogs what i enjoyed most is seeing what everyone in the class thought about a specific thing.
    3)Not much could have been done differently. i could have put a lot more effort into the class though.
    4)My advice is to make sure they do the blog, and not to procrastinate.
    5)At this point i'm not to sure if i could handle a college course.

  24. 1) What I like the most about this class was the talks about the presidential debates it's always fun to talk about the mistakes the candidates made.
    2) The thing I liked the most about the blogs is that they help your grade out.
    3) I think that what could have been done differently to learn better was to give out more reviews for the test.
    4) The advice I would give other students would be to write all the notes accurately they are helpful when doing reading guides.
    5) I am not sure, but I believe if I pay a great amount of attention and learn more then I would be able to.

  25. 1. I enjoyed the class because there was time for everything. Time for notes, classwork, and even time to talk with our friends.
    2. The blog was cool because i would get to know new stuff by reading other people's opinions.
    3. To help me learn better i think would be having more class activities to do as a class and hands on activities.
    4. I would tell students to do their work first and then chitchat because if you chitchat first you wont have enough time to do your work, but if you do your work first, you WILL have time to chitchat (:
    5. I don't feel prepared to take a college class because I have never been a great fanatic of Social Studies.

  26. 1. What I enjoyed most about this class is that every week we learned something new about our government. That before I would never be interested in it and I now I really am interested in it.
    2. What I enjoyed most about the blogs was that every week we got the chance to comment on an article or analyze it. This helped me learn about the current events of government going on.
    3. To learn better I think reviews before the tests could have improved my scores.
    4. I would advice them not to procrastinate, and to study before tests.
    5. I feel I am prepared for a college class on this course, I know now what to do better that would help me get better grades in a college course.

  27. 1. What i enjoyed about the class was the way each topic was taught & work was able to be done while making jokes :)
    2. What i enjoyed about the blogs was that the articles always taught me something new each week.
    3. I think i would have done better if i studied for my test alot more.
    4. Some advice i would give to the upcoming students would be to stay on task & REMEMBER TO DO THE BLOGS !
    5. Im not sure if im fully ready to take a college class on this course but this class helped me get a bit mre prepared.

  28. 1.What I enjoyed most about the class is that on how we interact with each activity we do and make the class more fun and real interesting .

    2. What I like about the blog is that they were very interesting and some blogs made you think.

    3. What I would of done differently to help me learn better would be to take notes, but paraphrase them like highlight the important stuff.

    4. Always pay attention in this class because its really easy to understand when ms.russo explains about a certain lesson planned .

    5.i feel somewhat prepared to take a college course, but certainly did learned more on this AP course like the court cases.

  29. 1. What I enjoyed most about the class was the way that we could receive a boring lecture turned into something fun.
    2. What I like about the blog is that is way to become aware of what's going on in the world. There were certain things that I didn't even know that were happening during the week.
    3. From my perspective, I liked doing projects because I felt that I could remember everything once I did something with it.
    4. One advice would be DO YOUR BLOGS! If not, you're into a long stressed semester. And SAY NO TO PROCRASTINATION.
    5. I feel a little prepared to take the actual college course. There are somethings that I had no idea of what it was but hopefully later on I understand it.

  30. 1) I enjoyed how we really got to interact with one another & how class was a fun learning experience. & Ms russo was the first teacher to actually teach me something in history lol :)

    2) The blog kept me updated & aware of things that were going on around the world.

    3) I would have studied for my test and reviewed my notes just to stay on top of things.

    4)To study study study for their tests.. it's a chill class if you just pay attention.

    5) I feel as if this class is getting me prepared for a college class.. might not be quite there yet but this upcoming semester should really have me prepared.

  31. 1. What i enjoyed most about the class was how the kids reacted when we gave them free stuff.
    2. What i enjoyed most of these blogs was that we had a week to respond and the freedom to post our own opinions.
    3. i think that having more concise power points could have help me learn better and more time to read each slide.
    4. One advice i would give to the upcoming students would be to always do your blogs.
    5..i feel somewhat prepared, not very confident about it tho.

    1. Luis you would say something about the power points.

  32. 1.The thing I enjoy about class would be that we are like a big family. Everyone talks to each other.
    2. What I enjoyed most about the blogs were we all shared our ideas.
    3. I need more time to copy down notes!!!
    4. Study for test and be ready to learn and have fun because, the class is not as hard as you think.
    5. I hope its the same because i really loved it.

  33. 1. What I enjoyed most about the class was taking notes and having class discussions with my classmates. The debates taking place were pretty fun to listen to, as we learned fun facts on the way.
    2. What I enjoyed most about the blog was viewing others different comments and different points of views, while answering questions in my opinion.
    3. What could have done differently to help you learn better, would probably be to have different activities on every subjects like projects, animations or presentations made by each other.
    4. Advice I have about this class for students that will take it next fall is to make sure to read when being asked to instead of just scheming through the book and to do the blogs ahead of time because due dates are actually closer than they seem.
    5. I'm honestly not sure if I am ready to take a college course in this class, but I will most diffidently try to do much better following the semester. (Pinkie promise!)

  34. 1. I've enjoyed the sense of humor and the amount of work we've done in this class.
    2. What I've enjoyed about the blogs is we are forced to use technology to our advantage.
    3. Give us 2 extra days for blogs.
    4. Deadlines have no exceptions for Mrs.Russo.
    5. Yes, its a challenge but with the amount of work we put in it, it pays off.

  35. 1. I enjoyed most of the class was all the activities we did like projects, and you and ryan's debating.
    2. The thing that I enjoyed about the blog was that you got to see other peoples opinion over the same topic and it kinda makes you think further.
    3.I could have studied more to help me do better in this class.
    4.I really recommend it it is super fun, and you have to be on top of things ALWAYS. Remember deadlines.
    5.I think I am kinda ready but I don't know, it will be my job to be responsible on doing all that college work.

  36. 1. What I enjoyed about the class was the way we learnd with the power points and the random conversations.
    2. The thing that I enjoyed about the blog was that it was a free 100 test grade if you remembered to do it.
    3.More time during the power points to finish writing.
    5.I think so If the amount of work is about the same.

  37. 1.)I enjoyed the Jon Stewart videos that you showed us over the class year.
    2.)What i enjoyed most of the blogs were about the different interesting subjects we had to talk about.
    3.)We could have gotten more study packets over the subjects so we could review our material and test.
    4.)Do not forget to do the blogs and don't procrastinate on your work.
    5.)For me I'm not really ready to take a college course but ill manage.

  38. 1.) What I enjoyed most about this class was the movies.
    2.)I didn't like the blogs because I kept forgetting about them.
    3.)Something that could have been done differently would have to be the power points. At times I found them boring and more time to copy down notes.
    4.)DO NOT forget to do the blogs every week, even though they don't seem that important they really affect your grade.
    5.)I think I am ready its just that procrastination kills!!!!!

    1. 1.) There were several things I liked about the class this year. I liked how I could always ask questions, and they would be answered, and the class discussions always helped me remember on the tests.

      2.) I personally didn't like the blogs because I always forgot to do them :D

      3.) One thing that would help me learn better is if we would stop having conversations about my ex boyfriends because it starts issues, andddddd if you would slow down when we are taking notes, so I can pay attention and write at the same time.

      4.) Future students, do your blog! they don't seem like a big deal, but not doing them gets you a really bad grade.

      5.) This class has taught me that im a horrible procrastinator, and in college, I should really take the time to study and complete my assignments.

  39. 1.)What I enjoyed most in the class was the openess of the classroom when in came to opinions on different topics.
    2.) I hated the blogs because I never remembered to do them until it was too late.
    3.) Something that I could have done differently was not procrastinate when it came down to studying for the tests and projects.
    4.) Write fast.
    5.) I think I am ready but it is going to take time to get use to the constant rigorious work given. I won't know until I try.

  40. 1) I enjoyed seeing everyone panic about not doing the latest blog (including me) & always comparing grades to one another.
    2) The blogs were pretty interesting and I liked how we had to actually interact with everyone as well and actually discuss what was going on.
    3) Paying more attention at times is probably something I could've done better on & remembering that blogs were due on Friday and not Sunday for the first few of them.
    5) I think I may be ready. I just need to set my priorities better and start remembering to due stuff ahead of time instead of waiting the night before.

  41. 1.What I enjoyed most about classs was how we learn, it did not feel like we were actually learning,but we were. Also the power points,movies the conversations/arguments......well everything. It was fun to be in class. But reallly brenda conversations were really,, really fun!
    2.What i enjoyed about the blogs were how each person posted their own opinion about the article, no matter how funny the post was.
    3.I would have no chaged anything,but if i had to would be to go over the main subjects of each chapter before a testand having more time to write notes.
    4.the dvice i would give would be not to procrastinate,because if you do you would end up stressing alot.To do all your work and turn it in no matter how small the assigment is and to take good notes.
    5.I'm not sure but with what i learn i think it would be ok , in taking a government course in college because it expanded on my political views and i alsp learn many other things about government that i did not know.But what i'm sure about is that i would not have such a good teacher as mrs. russo to teach it to me when i get to college.

  42. 1. I enjoyed the flexibility of topics during the unit. Having presidential campaigns/elections going on during the course made it interesting, going deeply into details.
    2.I enjoyed reading the articles and being informed on government movements.
    3. I dont believe their could have been anything done differently, it was an easy flowy class to understand.
    4.I would give students taking this class next semester the advice to regularly check their 6th week calender, to be informed about things that are going to be needed in class.
    5.I believe I am prepared to take a college course in this class.

  43. 1. The thing I enjoyed most about the class was our intresting conversations, and the way you taught us.
    2. I enjoyed the differnet Topis each blog had and that it made us think.
    3.I belive the class was good how it was and nothing needed to be done differntly.
    4.The advice I would give to the sutendts taking this class is to make sure to always keep up with the blogs.
    5.In my opinion i am prepared to take a college course

  44. the rhing i enjoyed about this class is the mood of it. it wasnt one of those classes that i dread going to but looked toward it.
    2.i enjoyed the blogs and being able to voice my opinion.
    3.The class was good but being able to review chapters would have helped out alot.
    4.The advice i would give is not to pracrastinate. get ur work done as soon as possible.
    5. no im not ready to take a college class.