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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Campaign Game 6th Period

Happy Electioneering!!!
Use what you know about elections, the electoral college, etc. to run for President. (If you have time, play twice) 
1. Play one player
2. Choose your party/platform.
3. its up to you if you want to include a 3rd party candidate.
So...running for office is not as easy at it looks is it?
Now that you have run, answer the following questions:

1. Did you win or lose?
2. What did you do that you think made the biggest difference in your candidacy?
3. What effect does knowing how the electors (i.e. do you spend the most money in the most populated states?)
4. What effect do interest groups/special interests have in the election process?
5. Would you like to run for office? Why or Why not?

Remember to use school appropriate language and NO TEXT SPEAK!!!!


  1. 1.On both of the games I lost horribly, by not getting more than 10 states.
    2.What I did that made the most difference is I went to the states that my key issues would matter most to.
    3.Knowing which state had the most population helps you set a campaign trail so that you can get the most electoral votes.
    4.Interest groups/special interest gave money to help fund my campaign from traveling, fundraisers, and when I need to defend myself when things go bad.
    5.No i would not like to run for office because you will be labeled by the outcome of the race. Also it seems like a lot of things you did not want people to know about you gets put out there for people to kno.

  2. 1.I lost both times. :(
    2.Being honest with the public when my opponent accused me off something that i said or did. does effect your campaign because if you wont the popular vote and not the electoral vote you basically dont win.The electoral votes are the ones that really count, and i didnt really spen a lot of money on many states i guess thats why i lost.
    4.interest groups have a lot of effects,because they are the ones that help you fun raise money for your campaign and thats how you travel and have fund raisers as well.
    5.i would not like to run for office, because i dont like to lie or not answer the questions that are asked to me. It looks hard to travel around the country and campign. Specially when your oponent can go to the same state and do better than you.

  3. 1) I lost.
    2)The fundraisers to win the states made a difference because it gives you the chance to either lose or win states.
    3) Yes, spend money on the most populated states because they'll have more people in the electoral college and give you more of a chance to get that state.
    4. What effect do interest groups/special interests have in the election process?
    4) Interest groups have an effect on the elections because they influence other citizens to vote.
    5) I would not like to run for office because it's way too much pressure and a lot of hard work. You would have to be too committed. Maybe if it was something i really wanted to do i would try my hardest but no i would not run.

  4. Sarah Barthollowmew CashionOctober 25, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    1. I lost the election. :(
    2. I forgot the policies i stood by, and i repetedly contradicted myself on issues that were very important.
    3. Spending the most money in the popular states is a good strategy because the most people are there, so by doing helpful fund raisers, you gain more votes.
    4. Special interest groups help with the election process because the different states have different beliefs, and if yours match theirs, you are more likely to get their vote.
    5. I would like to run for office, but when i have more experience and view points. At this point in time, i have strong views on certain subjects, but not all of them, so i would not be a good condidate. As i develop my own opinion and beliefs, I would like to run for office because I will be able to defend myself and my ideas.

  5. 1. I lost my election.
    2. The thing I did wrong with my run was that I went to the big states and forgot about the smaller States.
    3. Spending more money is good becuase the events are much better presented. You want to get attention.
    4. The effects on interst effects the candidates because sometimes you contredict yourself.
    5. I would not like to run for office it is too much work and the proces takes a long time.

  6. 1. On the first game I was doing pretty good with more then 15 states on my side but then my computer froze so I didnt finish. On the second game I won.
    2. The difference that I think mattered most was that I went to the states that opposed me so that I could switch their votes.
    3.Knowin which states had the most electoral voters helps you understand which states you should go to.
    4.Interest groups helped fundraise money for my campaigns.
    5. No i would not like to run for president because its too much of a responsibility and anything can happen.

  7. Jocelyn (fredrick) Ascencio /.\October 25, 2012 at 11:53 AM

    1. I won the presidency!!! Woo go Jocelyn for president of the United States.

    2.The biggest difference in my candidacy was that the more funraisers I did supporting my beliefs, and ones that intreged the citizens got me more votes.

    3. When knowing how the Electors vote you see what they are intrested about and what matters to them. Helping you know what to fundraise about and they have a better view on what the candidate wants to do to help them.

    4.Intrest groups and special intrest have an effect on the election process ,becasue they support you by funding your campaign and emphizising your ideas to the people.

    5. I would not like to run for office because you have to carefully watch the way you spend your money, and if what your spending it on benifits you campaign. Also when things go bad more money is spent to fix what the press has found out about you or what has been said.

  8. 1. The first time I had lost, and I didn't have enough time to finish the second.

    2. I continued to return to states that is pro my party until I had won the state.

    3. I usually just spend half of my money on all the states I went to in teh first game. The second one, I changed my spending % at random.

    4. Special interests/interest groups are the ones that could donate money to your campaign, which is a big help since you would be in need of money.

    5. I wouldn't run for office, since I don't really like politics to the point of running for office, and it seems like too much of a hassle.

  9. 1 I lost badly
    2 I kept contradicting my ideals losing support of the people
    3 Spending too much money on the populated states and not on the others will win the popular vote but can cause you to lose the electoral vote
    4 Interest groups and special interest groups add money and support
    5 No i've said too many women's rights jokes to ever consider holding a public office. Maybe when some day i can run for office and hope no one will bring up my jokes

  10. 1. I lost. (jocelyn cheated)

    2. I think I might have done some fundraisers that didn't benefit my campaign.

    3. Knowing where to fundraise or what are good fundraisers affect the electors vote because they have a better prespective of the candidate.

    4.Interest groups and special interest effect election process because they can support you based on your actions and ideas you put out there. They can give you money for your campaign.

    5. I would not like to run for office because it has it's ups and downs. You have to always be careful with what you say on the debates and keep your image outstanding all the time so that the audience has a good view of you. You will always have those whom do not like you and will throw negative comments at you , as the candidate you cannot say anything back other than ignore the comments and continue with his campaign. It's very hard to manage different issues at the same time.

  11. 1. I completely lost both time. The first I only had six states, then the next I only had four.
    2. I stood by my key points that I chose and tried to raise the money soley for those issues.
    3.By knowing the key issues in the big states, it helps you when planning your strategy for your campaigne trail.
    4. Knowing the effects of interests in the electoral process allows you to plan your strategies better so that you have a better advantage in the race.
    5. I would not like to run for office only because your life is made extremely public and you need to able to jump at certain opportunities that I don't think I personally would be able to do constantly.

  12. 1.I lost both times.
    2.I ran as a democrat with republican views.
    3.No I did not use most of my money in the most populated states.
    4.Interest groups helped me gain money.
    5.No i would not like to run for office, because it seem like a lot of work.

  13. 1) In both games I lost. :/
    2) In the games the thing that made the biggest difference is to stand by what you first stood for. Changes can make the people confused and think you don't know what you're doing.
    3) If you know what the states stand for then you can decide what decisions to make and if you can steer the people away from a different party.
    4) The effect of interest groups and special interests in the states help give the candidate money and other support in the campaign.
    5) Yes! I would LOVE to run for office. I think it would be a fun experience and judging from this game I wont lose by much.

  14. 1. I lost the election but not by too much.

    2. I think what made the biggest difference was that I was visiting a lot of the big states like Texas, California, and New York. I also carefully made sure I didn't contradict myself.

    3. Knowing which were the heavy populated states helped see which ones you would try to focus more on. My whole campaign was based on trying to get what these states went for.

    4. Interest groups helped a lot when it came to raising money. The events these groups set up helped rally people to support the isue. In return you would get a positive response from the people, and you receive more money to spend on your campaign. The money also helped when I had breaking news or bad luck.

    5. No I would not like to run for office because it seems like there is no room for error. Any move can be your last ,and there is a lot of pressure that goes into the campaign.

  15. 1. I lost the election because of the electoral votes. I won by two percent on the popular votes.
    2. I tried to do the fundraisers that went with what I believed in and the expensive ones to get a lot of people's attention. I was able to have enough money to waste for the campaign throughout the entire election.
    3. It actually depends on the number of electoral delegates there are. I realized that popular votes are not counted as much as the electoral votes are so it has little effect.
    4. The interest groups have a lot of effect during the process. There's always little groups of different interests but they sum up to a great mass. You can lose a big number of votes.
    5. I would not like to run for office only because you won't get enough sleeping time and I get really cranky if I don't have enough sleep. I don't think I will be able to handle something like that. It feels too complicated and you always have to think quick if there are riots or disagreements in certain things.

  16. 1.I lost the first time and could not finish the second.
    2. What i did that made a diffrence in may candidacy is to go for the issues that no one would think that matter much to talk about.
    3. Knowing the states that have the largest amount of the electoral voters.
    4. The different interest groups can affect the election process in that they could give an aid when fund- raising for one's campaign.
    5. I would not like to run for office because of all the things that have to be done. Also the amount of work that needs to be achieved for each candidate to even be consider a contender for presidency.

  17. 1. I lost in the campaign game.

    2. I think that when I strongly supported Health Care and kept supporting health care it made a difference because it showed undecided voters that I know where I'm going to make changes.

    3. If you know which states are really populated then you stratagize better by focusing on those states ang setting up fundraisers for what they favored.

    4. Interest groups are a great impact when it comes to fund raising money. When you set up fundraisers people are interested and support the issues. It helps bring up your numbers positively.

    5. I would not like to run for office because I feel that I am unprepared. When running for office it seems that you have to satisfy everyone because if you don't satisfy a certain state then they can be influenced to the other party.

  18. 1.I lost on both of the elections
    2.I only went to the states that my key points focus on.
    3.i spent alot of money on states that had other key points
    4. help you out in fundraisers and other organization to get other peoples vote.
    5.i would not like to run because i rally dont like performing on t.v and be talking about personal life or things that i can do to change.

  19. 1) i lost.
    2)i only went to states that supported my ideas.the fundraisers i did helped me gain popularity.
    3)if you spend more money and time in the most populated states you have a higher chance to win their electorals
    4)interest groups have a big effect on others because they can influence other people to vote.
    5)No, it's too much stress. you have to worry about money and if people like or not.

  20. !.i lost in the 1st one and in the 2nd one it was i tie i won the popular vote but the democratic got two more electoral votes


    1. I lost in both elections.
    2. I think the thing i did that made a big difference in my candidacy is that i kept on going over and over to the same states which caused me drop on my electoral votes.
    3. I spend the most money on the largest states because there is more people to persuade so you have to make it big that way you grave peoples attention.
    4. Interest and special groups have an effect on campaigns because they help you by funding your campaign.
    5. I personally wouldn't like to run for presidency because I'm not so good when it gets to talk in front of people.

  22. 1.the 1st election i lost the 2nd election i won popular votes and lost by two electoral votes so noone won
    2. the biddest thing that help was supporting the ideas i believe in and not contradicting my self.
    3. did spend most of my money on the popular states that why i won popular vote i beleive but i didnt pay attention to the electors so that could have help me won
    4. What effect do interest groups/special interests have in the election process? they help out with fundrasing and help to get a lot of money if you did the right ones
    5.never in my life would i ever be a president is way to hard and stressful